We are actively using media tools to provide correct information on Turkey to national and international public. The Center strives to ensure that news with objective and solid ground that will also challenge the dominant media figures who have monopolized the political, social, cultural and economic representation of Turkey circulate in the media.

Visit our website here: Fact-Checking Turkey

Establishing coordination and networking

We organize workshops, conferences, panels and meetings to bring representatives of the media and non-governmental organizations in and/or outside Turkey, politicians, bureaucrats, academics, businesspeople and artists with the purpose of finding solutions to national and international political, social, cultural and economic problems.

See our past event: President Erdoğan Receives Syrian Journalists


We intend to positively influence the political decision making processes on behalf of widely oppressed groups (refugees, people with disabilities, ethnic minorities, children, women, workers and etc.) through lobbying.

Our Projects

Fact-Checking Turkey

Fact-checking Turkey monitors the factual accuracy of various news and claims about Turkey. Every single minute, loads of information is produced on the Internet and quickly spread through social media. We believe it is crucially important to check whether such news and claims are true. To do this, Fact-checking Turkey follows international and national media and aims to provide accurate information through publicly available sources. For more click here:

Daily Lies

Günün Yalanları (Daily Lies) monitors the factual accuracy of national news and statements of Turkish politicans. Through publicly available sources such as documents, reports, statistics and photographs, Daily Lies serves to make correct information available to everyone.

Timeline Turkey

Timeline Turkey presents Turkey developing democracy in the last 15 years through timelines. There are currently 12 categories: Kurdish society, Alevis, Muslims, Diplomacy, Women, People with Disabilities, Non-Muslims, Romani Society, Refugees, Health, Youth and Culture & Politics. Reforms for each category are presented through a timeline. The website is available also in French, Arabic, German and Russian.

FETO Facts

FETO Facts presents the history and the structure of the Fetullah Gulen Terror Organisation (FETO). Serving as the most extensive source on the FETO network, it includes details about the cult leader Fetullah Gulen, Gulenists' involvement in the 15 July failed coup, their vast network, the suspected murders and plots in which Gulenists in the police and judiciary were involved. The website is also available in Turkish and Arabic.

Chronicles of Shame

Chronicles of Shame displays examples of discrimination, racism and Islamophobia from all over the world.

Crackdown Chronicles

What you will see here is a collection of human rights violations by the United States and European countries. Despite their efforts to portray themselves as a consistent democratic whole, the United States and European countries have their own inner political contradictions. In strict contrast to the ‘rule of law’, they monitor and censor the media; protesters are often met with police violence; and people are arbitrarily designated as terror suspects under extensive terror laws and their rights are violated.

In Fact

"In Fact" is a 5 minute news programme daily broadcast on TRT (Turkish Radio and Television) following the evening's news bulletin. Each episode covers a particular story including inaccurate information and provides the true version of it.

Real Economy

“Real Economy” is dedicated to telling the truth in the face of those who try to manipulate the economic situation in Turkey. We report all of the news which we think you might be interested in with a plain language. Real Economy is a platform in which worldwide economic affairs will be analyzed and which will keep you informed on the latest news. We give answers to your questions on finance, defense industry, energy policies, technology, agriculture, animal husbandry and toruism. We are after the real economy with our motto “Economy for everyone”.


Yekvucut project was designed as an alternative news portal presenting news on the agenda with a different perspective. The website is composed of “Analysis”, “Critique”, “Tribute”, “Refutation”, “Investigation” and “Reference” parts. It reviews domestic and foreign economic, political, sociological and cultural developments and presents them to its readers with tis own perspective.

Facts of Turkey

A website created with the intention of showing the ignored or unknown traits of Turkey against the international media’s negative stance regarding the country. It consists of Obsessed with Turkey, Terror, Mega Projects, Democracy, Hospitality, Symbols of Turkey and Gallery segments.